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Steve Wells standing in front of a car transport truckNew World Auto Transport is a family owned and operated business, which values excellence. With over 35 years of experience in all aspects of the automotive industry, we have the ability to provide you with expert knowledge. This knowledge and understanding allows us to tailor your transportation needs.

Regardless of what type of vehicle you are shipping, we have the ability to relate to you on more than a business level. We believe in developing a strong relationship with our customers. That is how trust is built. You shouldn't and wouldn't trust your vehicle with just anybody. That is why we also value the importance of communication and logistics leading to a stress free and damage free transport.

We value honesty and integrity and respect each customer's individual needs. We provide you with a personal agent who is dedicated and committed to meeting your personal expectations. Whether you ship cars on a regular basis or this is your first time we understand this could be a stressful experience for you. With New World Auto Transport, we will alleviate the common stresses related to automotive shipping. How? By being accurate, truthful, and by communicating with you when you need us the most. A successful, stress free transportation is all about communication; communication with you, the drivers, dispatchers, and the ability to get in touch with us even after hours. We are not a 5-day a week, 9 to 5 company, where you always get sent to voice mail and never get responding calls. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don't pretend to be something that we are not. We are real people, providing real services at affordable rates. This personal touch sets us apart from other transporters.

New World Auto Transport settles for nothing less than excellence in everything we do. Through thorough research we guarantee that you are dealing with an expert team.

At a time of mass information dominating the market and Internet, it may all seem overwhelming times, which is why New World Auto Transport representatives are here to help you from start to finish. Led by an innovative management group, New World Auto Transport has created a highly motivated team of skilled and dedicated customer service representatives to serve you on a one on one basis. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 832-437-2478 or you may contact Steve Wells directly at 713-705-7102.


About President & CEO, Steve Wells

Steve Wells & wife. Owners of new world auto transportationIn 1978, Steve moved to Texas. He then opened New World Vans, Trucks, and Specialty Vehicles here in Houston, Texas. He hired the best skilled craftsmen in the respective vehicle aftermarket and conversion world, and set out to make a name for his company. New World Vans & Trucks not only gained respect, not only for designing vans and autos for retail customers, sports figures, music personalities, and specialty auto dealers, but also because they contracted, designed, and produced commercial conversions for surveillance and law enforcement agencies. Steve also designed custom production and promotional vehicles for radio, TV, and sports teams nationally. Another division of New World specialized in ballistic protection on customers' vehicles all over the world. In the process of designing bomb disposal units, Steve achieved yet another success. Attending the Starlight Military Training Center, Steve graduated with a coveted Ranger Certificate. Steve then began to pursue clients ranging from local police, S.W.A.T. teams, secret service, private security firms, fire departments, and specialty command vehicle applications. It became apparent that, getting these vehicles transported from state to state, and to overseas countries, transportation and shipping could be a logistical nightmare. With his reputation at stake for on time deliveries, Steve began to learn the vehicle shipping and logistics business quickly.

With the ever changing auto industry, Steve sold New World Vans and Trucks in 1999, and started New World Sports Products, which was a motorsport transportation and trailer company. This coincided with Steve's passion of racing off-road desert, motocross, and boats. Steve had also adjusted his sights on the high-end automobile industry. He has spent the last ten years in some form of high-end automobile and motorcycle sales industry. In this industry, Steve again found himself seeing an ever-increasing demand for automotive shipping, due to the wide-spread sales and purchasing of vehicles on the Internet by car dealers and individuals.

In 2010, New World Auto Transport was born. New World Auto Transport Logistics, LLC, or N.W.A.T., is a company designed to deliver white glove treatment door to door for shipping vehicles. N.W.A.T. offers personalized one on one communication to ensure that his client's relocation, or attendance at a special event, is not impugned with negligent transport delays and shipping blunders. We strive to offer the best service and process in the industry. With over 30 years of experience and business contacts, we guarantee our services, and will be there for all of your transport needs. If Steve can answer any questions or concerns you may have, please do not hesitate to call him directly, or one of his specialty agents. Our motto is "One on One Personal Touch" for those who value excellence.


Daisy Wells, Vice President, CFO, COO, & Marketing Director of New World Auto Transport

Daisy WellsBorn and raised in Cebu, Philippines, Daisy handles all aspects of the company. It was her husband's love of cars and her computer experience that led her into the social media and online advertising side of the business, reaching out to customers across the entire United States. In her spare time, Daisy and Steve love spending time with family, boating, and racing Vipers.

Harold Wells, "Retired" Vice President, CFO/Logistics

Harold WellsHarold was born in Oklahoma City and spent over 40 years in the drilling and exploration industry, with 27 of those years being overseas where he specialized in offshore drilling and exploration for Santa Fe Drilling Company. Harold retired after the Kuwait invasion and spent the next year putting out fires there. Harold returned to Houston, Texas in the mid 1980's and spent the next 25 years working with his son, Steve Wells, in the automotive customizing and bullet proofing industry as well as participating in New World's off-road racing teams and race boat events. Harold currently spends his time at New World Auto Transport in Katy, Texas.

Sylvia Bernier, Human Resources and Business Relations

Sylvia BernierSylvia was born in the Philippines and grew up living in Singapore and Vancouver, WA. She has been living in Houston for eight years now and is currently a junior at Texas A&M University, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences. During her summers back home, she enjoys working with her mom and step-dad with their automotive transport business. Through being surrounded by cars due to her step-dad's passion for anything related to cars, she has gained abundant knowledge about cars and the industry. Sylvia has a passion for traveling as well as enjoying good books, the outdoors, playing her piano, and spending time with her wonderful family.

Allison Bernier, Assistant to Accounting and Office Management

Allison BernierAllison as a 17 year old senior at Cy-Ranch High school. When not at work, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, driving her Fiat 500, and going boating with her family.

Ray Freasier, General Manager

Roy FreasierNative Houstonian with over nine years experience in the automotive industry. Serving as a part of the rental car industry for over seven years, working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car as a location Manager. Managing staff, employee training, marketing, tracking performance, always providing excellent personalized customer service. Ray also spent two years at John Eagle Acura as Sales Manager, managing staff, marketing, inventory control, fleet management and sales training. Ray's hobbies include drag racing, muscle cars, and radio controlled R/C racing.

Rudy Inngais, IT Manager, Business Development Manager, Automotive Logistics Manager and direct assistant to the CEO (Steve Wells) and CFO (Daisy Wells)

Rudolfo InngaisRudolfo, also known as "Rudy" is from Oxnard, California, born December 19, 1991. He is an A+ Certified computer technician. He graduated from Katy High School in 2010 and has been working as an automotive logistics agent since he graduated. His hobbies are sports, building custom computers and enjoying life. He likes spending quality time with family and friends. "Live like it's your last day, because tomorrow isn't promised."

Steve Anderson, Senior Logistics Specialist Coordinator

Stephen AndersonSteve was born in Duluth, Minnesota and has over 25 years experience in the Automotive Industry proudly serving his customers selling luxury vehicles at Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche and Lexus. He has first-rate product knowledge which has helped him to provide exceptional customer service for his more sophisticated clients. Steve served in the United States Army in the 82nd Airborne Paratrooper Division and has more than 29 jumps! Steve has enjoyed being involved in the Automotive Transport Business for approximately seven years. In his spare time Steve enjoys playing billiards.

Crystal Rivera, Dispatch Manager & Business Development

Crystal RiveraCrystal grew up in the small city of Hidalgo, Texas located in the Rio Grande Valley. After graduating high school, she quickly moved to San Antonio, Texas where she resided for 3 years before to Amarillo, Texas; since then she has lived all over the State of Texas before finally settling in Houston. During her moves, she worked at the Municipal Court Systems for 7 years, and also has ample retail and customer service experience. Her interests outside of work include hunting, fishing, or anything to do with outdoors.

Enrique Angulo, Automotive Logistic Agent & Business Development

Enrique Enrique immigrated to the USA when he was seven years old from Madrid, Spain. From an early age he was exposed with the transport of military and civilian vehicle parts; since his father was an engineer in the military. Having a particular fondness for Formula one racing; his favorite racer is the famous Nicki Lauda (as featured in the movie RUSH), and among his dream super performance vehicles are the GTA Spano and well known Lamborghini Gallardo. He also had found his niche with communicating with people from all walks of life. He has lived in multiple states and overseas in Korea, The Philippines, Spain and Italy. Between having over 10 years of telemarketing experience and his extensive time with cultures he could only feel at home here: at New World Auto Transport.

Naomi Perez, Business Development and Customer Relations

Naomi Perez Naomi was born and raised in Katy, Texas. She has worked in the car industry for over 3 years now starting at an Insurance agency and also working in Business development and customer service at a Car Dealership. Naomi is here to answer any questions you may have and make sure you're set to ship with us! During her free time she enjoys being outdoors and spending time her daughter.

Jennifer Hernandez, Business Development and Customer Relations

Jennifer Hernandez Jennifer was born in Sugarland, Texas. She graduated class of 2011 from George Bush High School. She is a senior at The University of Houston, BA Political Science, and plans on attending the Fort Bend Police Academy in February. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with family, friends, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors. Jennifer has a passion for trucks and muscle cars, and has been in the customer service

James Taylor, Senior Automotive Logistics Specialist

James TaylorJames was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and has lived in Houston for 15 years. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration from Steven F. Austin State University. After college he started working for Enterprise Rent-A-Car where he gained 5 years experience in the automotive industry. He is proficient with inventory control, logistics, management and providing excellent customer service. James enjoys listening to music, running and jogging, and playing baseball and football.

Phillip Yarbrough, Automotive Logistics Agent

Phillip YarbroughPhillip is a lifelong Houstonian. He has 30 years experience in management, specializing in customer service. He has also spent time in the automotive sales industry. He has spent 10 years in moto-cross racing and remote control RC off road racing. Phillip has had a great love for automobiles and customizing and has been a friend and associate of the owner Steve Wells for over 25 years. Phillip enjoys family and friends and hobbies include going to car shows and vintage moto-cross races as well as restoring classic cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Dennis Aitkin, Automotive Logistics Agent & Shop Coordinator/Manager

Dennis AitkinDennis Aitken was born in Pascagula, MS and raised in St. Louis, MO. He has spent 25 years in commercial engineering. His passions are motocross, water skiing, snow skiing, boats and motorcycles. Anything fast! Additionally, he is a founding lifetime member of Bruise Brothers Racing. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with friends and family, and various outdoor activities.

Scott Barajas, Automotive Logistics Agent & Shop Coordinator/Manager

ScottScott was born in Los Angeles Ca but has lived most of his adult life in the Houston, Texas area. He has been in Sales and Management in the motorcycle and power sport industry for over 15 years even working 8 years for Harley Davidson. Scott also spent 2 years in the Auto Transport Logistics business. He has played as a professional live musician as well as a studio musician touring the world playing music. His passions include fast cars, music, and football (GO TEXANS!).

Michael Warner, Logistics Specialist

Michael WarnerMichael Warner was born in Seattle WA. Trained and Certified as a Commercial, Nuclear Inspection and Treasure Diver and worked in the various industries until 1990 when he became a U.S. Marine. Michael was trained in Counterterrorism and tactics and upon completion of his training performed his duties in the Security Forces. While in the Marine Corps, Michael studied for several years to attain his CPS (Certified Protection Specialist) certification. Upon exiting the Marine Corps, Michael perused a career in Executive protection. He traveled extensively throughout the U.S and various countries around the world providing close personal protection for Fortune 500 CEO's, dignitaries and members of various royal families. Michael was then recalled to Iraq and Afghanistan for special contract work. After his return to Houston, Michael met Steve Wells, the President and CEO of New World Auto Transport (NWAT). While racing cars, riding Harleys and jumping out of planes, they noticed their paths would cross and immediately developed a friendship. It was Michael's love of cars that led him to come to NWAT and he's been here ever since.

Michael's hobbies include: Martial arts, Skydiving, Scuba diving, Repelling, Competitive shooting, Off-roading with his Hummer, Racing his 900 HP 1997 Dodge Viper and spending quality time with his friends and family. His corporate motto, "Do right in all aspects of business and in life" is not just for business he says, but his mantra for living an honorable and happy life.

JJ - aka (Jesse James)

JJBorn in 2002 in Houston, Texas - Security, Guard Dog and Lunch Time Mooch. He spends 24 hours a day with us. Hobbies include sleeping in the sun rays, boating, truck and Viper rides, hanging out with family and eating.

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