Interstate Auto Transport

New World Auto Transport is a leader in the auto shipment industry and moves seamlessly between states for prompt and reliable delivery. Interstate transport IS our business!

Interstate Auto Shipment is Our Specialty

Since 1978, New World Auto Transport has worked in the world of autos, building a loyal customer base along with a company that serves the nation. In fact, interstate auto shipping is our area of expertise, as we service customers from coast to coast.

"If it has wheels, we'll move it!" Our slogan says it all, and our mission is to move any vehicle make or model from state to state. Our carriers service dealerships, auctions, leases, snowbirds on the move, vacationers and busy families on the move.

Auto transport across 48 states— Hawaii and Alaska, too!

Interstate transport for the family car -- or exotics, antiques, hot rods or 4-wheelers -- is our life's work. For 35 years we have had an impact on the auto and transport industries. In short, Interstate shipping in our complex, modern nation requires an extraordinary caliber of expertise. Astute levels of planning, plotting, mapping, scheduling and meeting targets is mandatory. Carriers must know best practices, best routes and also the experience to avoid any snafus along the way.

Trust Us with Your Interstate Shipment

You can trust us for tate-to-state auto transport. Why? Well, we've recently earned one of the highest awards possible at the Better Business Administration, and we invite you to read all about it. High profile clients such as Kid Rock, Jay Leno and Lyle Lovett, as well as the production crews of Fast and Furious and CSI Miami, trust us with their exotic cars and motorcycles. We've transported a golf cart or two, as well, for the Shell Houston Open. "Interstate" is our in our blood, just as our company was built upon the concept of "transport."

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If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Steve Wells directly at 713-705-7102.

With New World Auto Transport, we will alleviate the common stresses related to automotive shipping.

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