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Relationships help make a professional, luxury car transport service.

Luxury Auto Transport: Meet New World

When you're looking for top-rated auto transport companies, you're ultimately looking for people to invest your trust in. At New World Auto Transport, we're one of the nation's top picks when it comes to transporting luxury cars and exotic car shipments across the country. We've built relationships with carriers from coast to coast over our more than 35 years in the industry. These relationships have translated to the construction of our preferred carriers' list, which guarantees insurance coverage for everything shipped or strapped on back.

One of the key components when it comes to our excellence guarantee is our list of preferred carriers. After 35 years in the business, handling unique heavy-hauls, classic cars and general nationwide auto transport, we currently have an arsenal of dependable carriers that have guaranteed insurance at hand. They're on our preferred carriers list based on their spotless track records and their ability to deliver within extremely specific, hour-based time frames. When you contact our office for transporting luxury cars, our carriers are ready to respond at the spur of a moment versus relying on just one individual to get your car to its destination.

New World Auto: Our compliance department: We run an efficient, streamlined office back at our Katy headquarters. Our compliance department verifies insurance compliance when it comes to selecting a carrier. If a $150,000 car is being loaded on one of carrier's transport vehicle, that truck is guaranteed to have cargo insurance in excess of the car's worth.

Luxury Auto Transport

Our company offers the leading logistics and relationships to get your new ride from the dealers lot to your drive. If you need lightning-fast responders to safely deliver any of your luxury vehicles, please contact us at 832-437-2478, or visit our request a quote page for your haul.

With New World Auto Transport, we will alleviate the common stresses related to automotive shipping.

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