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We Specialize in Boat and Vessel Shipping and Transport

Let's face it: Nationwide boat transport takes special care. You can’t just cross your fingers and transport over-sized boats or vessles on any carrier! The boat transport company you hire must have the trucks, specialized equipment, insurance and ability to abide by the rules and regulations of the United States Department of Transportation. Among boat transportation services, you can rely on us for boat showroom transport or any other point of departure. We can transport your yacht back to storage once your vacation is over.

Now that you've made the investment and purchased a boat, the ocean or coastal seas await and you will need a dependable boat transporter to rely on year in and year out. Perhaps you've found the ideal vessel to begin your retirement. We specialize in boat shipments cross-country or to the desired port or destination. Boat or yacht transport is absolutely vital for you to make full use of your investment. Let us help you with your boat transportation needs.

We account for size, price, but also the availability of a transport company. Experience and reputation are absolutely necessary to safely ship your boat across the nation. You need a boat transporter who can professionally move your vessel state to state or to the coast. After all, we know the pride you have in owning the prized possession of a lifetime, and we will care for your boat or vessel as if it were our own!

Count on New World Auto Transport. Experience and dedication make us a trusted choice for vacationing boat-owners. Buyers and sellers nationwide need trustworthy transport of new, used, corporate, industrial and commercial boats. They rely on us as the premiere shipping and boat transport country in the nation. You deserve the best “white glove” treatment.

Shipping No Matter The Miles or Size

We know price matters. We offer affordable quotes that are customized to your specific boat transport needs. No matter the miles, put your trust in us and we'll make sure that your vehicle arrives safely and on time. Transporting your over-sized vehicle regardless of distance is our life's work.

Call today or submit your request online to receive details and pricing toward your personalized shipping requirements.

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