Nationwide Snowbird Transport

We Specialize in Snowbird Vehicle Shipping & Transport

Retirees and seniors — our nation's "snowbirds" — may need extra consideration with their car shipping needs. They can count on New World Auto Transport. Our courteous and stress-free transport services can enhance the quality of life for senior citizens. Owner Steve Wells and his father, Harold, are especially in tune with the needs of snowbirds, military and even college students who require door to door or coast to coast auto transport. "We've personally experienced life in each demographic and are sensitive to the importance of dependable, trustworthy auto shipment services," says Wells.

Florida migration is extremely active, as is California, and we are privileged to help snowbirds "winter" in warm-weather states and then return to cooler environments during the summer months. For instance, we help travelers who fly to and from the northeast, midwestern states, west coast and even Canada. Arizona keeps us busy, too!

We Transport Your Auto— You Relax!

While you are in the air, we transport your vehicles, boats, and motor homes on the ground. We cater to snowbirds and others who migrate twice a year and live in dual domiciles.

Save the wear and tear on your odometer and eliminate the extra stress. Your car will ship safely and on time, and we promise our snowbirds peace of mind. Count on New World Auto Transport. Experience and dedication make us a trusted choice for snowbirds and seasonal travelers. People who relocate nationwide need trustworthy transport of their vehicles. They rely on us as the premiere transport carrier in the nation. You deserve the best.

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If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Steve Wells directly at 713-705-7102.

With New World Auto Transport, we will alleviate the common stresses related to automotive shipping.

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