This antique (the truck, not Harold) is the inspiration behind our, “If it has wheels, we’ll move it!” motto.

Because our specialty is “anything with wheels,” it will come as no surprise that New World Auto Transport ships antique vehicles. One of our favorite transport missions involves the nationwide shipping of these rare vintage cars and trucks from door-to-door or coast-to-coast. Special care is taken to ensure the protection of their antique features, sometimes original, or sometimes refurbished.

We have our own antique on premises in our Houston office . . . and his name is Harold Wells! He is our “retired” vice-president and CFO of Logistics. As the father of owner Steve Wells, Harold poses in this photo with the inspiration behind our motto, “If it has wheels, we’ll move it!” Long story short, we once transported an antique jalopy, discovering upon arrival at our Houston facility that it DIDN’T HAVE TIRES! We had just painted the shop floor . . . and hauling that antique truck from the carrier into our facility gauged the cement. It was then that we vowed to only move cars with tires!

Of course, we quickly recovered from our shop floor paint catastrophe and since that time have hauled other “tire-less” objects, such as a pizza oven, various boats and a many assorted campers.

One of Harold's favorite "models."

One of Harold’s favorite “models.”

“If it has wheels, we’ll move it!” is our favorite saying, but rest assured we’ll also move your vintage treasures with our without tires, as well.

Check out our New World Auto Transport family – all our company bios and pictures are online and we are tremendously passionate about what we do. Today’s employee profile spotlights more of Harold’s background. He’s a real character, so enjoy!

Born in Oklahoma City, Harold Wells spent over 40 years in the drilling and exploration industry, with 27 of those years being overseas where he specialized in offshore drilling and exploration for Santa Fe Drilling Company. Harold retired after the Kuwait invasion and spent the next year putting out fires there. Harold returned to Houston, Texas in the mid 1980’s and spent the next 25 years working with his son, Steve Wells, in the automotive customizing and bullet proofing industry as well as participating in New World’s off-road racing teams and race boat events. Harold currently spends his time at New World Auto Transport in Katy, Texas.