Most of the time your recreational vehicle is just that; a rolling home that you relax in while enjoying the travels and sights on the road. Sometimes, however, you might just want to enjoy your R.V. as a home away from home without having to actually drive it yourself to the end destination point. At New World Auto Transport, we have the network of carriers and a commitment to excellence for any nationwide R.V. transport. If you’re an R.V. owner, you might say that your home is on the road, and ultimately ours is too.

Motor home transport nationwide

If you’re headed to a big event, you want your R.V. as home base but you don’t want to drive your rolling headquarters, New World Auto Transport can deliver your vehicle to its destination, while you fly from point A to B. Whether the final destination is at the foot of your driveway or at the foot of the Rocky Mountains is up to you, but it’s up to us to ensure its safety and delivery. At New World, we personally verify carrier insurance and we make sure daily that each form to operate legally and safely is up to date. Ultimately we take each worry away from motor home shipment. Not only do we verify carrier liability, we’ve also formed personal relationships with them across the national board, so your R.V. can be safely transported from coast to coast, north to south.

Nationwide R.V. Transport: We’ll store it too

New World Auto Storage is now a new increment of our company, and our motto carries over as, “If it has wheels, we’ll store it!” Whether you’re a snow bird that flocks when the north ices over or a Texas bird that flees when summers come around, we have a storage facility for R.V.s. What’s more is that we can store your motor home month-to-month or on a long-term basis. If you’re ready to camp, we also have a detailing and concierge service that will have your bus ready to hit the road when you arrive at our headquarters. Ready to store or ship your R.V. nationwide? We’ll give you a quote.