You should seek to hire the services of a good auto transport shipper, if you want your vehicle to arrive in the best possible condition and in a timely manner.  The function of an auto shipper or auto transporter is to pick up your vehicle and load it onto a truck in order to deliver it to your destination.

Listed below, are some steps you may take to be sure that you transport your car safely and securely through New World Auto Transport:

How to Get Your Vehicle Ready for Car Shipping

Be sure that you wash your vehicle and keep it clean for inspection.  You should deactivate the alarm system, so that it does not drain your battery.  Fuel adds to the weight to the weight of your vehicle.  The less the vehicle weighs during the auto shipping process, the cheaper the cost of the car moving company.  Be sure that the battery condition is okay and that there are no leaks.  You should either remove or secure any loose parts on your vehicle.  This includes fog lights, antennae, spoilers, and anything else that protrudes from the vehicle.  Be sure that the battery condition is okay and that there are no leaks.  Be sure that the radiator has adequate levels of antifreeze.  No personal items are allowed in the vehicle.  Not only does this keep the weight of the vehicle down, it is against the law.  If a transported vehicle is found to have items in it, law enforcement agencies may detain the truck, search it, may call in drug sniffing dogs, and can impound your vehicle.

Having Your Vehicle Inspected Before and After Transport

Be sure the Bill of Lading is signed by both you and the car transport driver.  The Bill of Lading contains the information about the condition of the vehicle before the move begins.  This document must be signed by you and the auto transport company’s driver before your vehicle is loaded on the transport truck.  On reaching the destination, there is a delivery Bill of Lading which is to be signed by both parties.  Please be sure to note any damage on the Bill of Lading and make sure the driver is aware of it as well.  This is where a car insurance policy becomes important.

Be sure to read through the Terms and Conditions section of the contract, before you place an order with any auto transport company.  Be sure that you understand everything in this document.  Do not hesitate to ask questions, before you hire the company.  If they do not offer satisfactory answers, find another car transport company!

Estimated Pick Up and Delivery Times

If a company tells you that they will pick up or deliver your vehicle on an exact date and at an exact time, you may be in for a shock, if you believe them.  Due to stringent safety laws on auto shipping which are governed by the Department of Transportation (DOT), exact pick up and delivery times cannot be guaranteed.  A sincere auto transport company will try to the best of their ability to adhere to a desired pick up or delivery date, but delays due to uncontrollable circumstances are the norm in the transport business.