Never go on a “Quote Lead Aggregator” that offers something like 10 free auto transport quotes!  You will be sorry!  You will end up wasting your time, and ultimately getting a serious migraine! Going to a quote lead aggregator such as this, can wind up being one of either two things;  It will either be a malicious auto transport agency trying to solicit leads, or a lead aggregator that sells off your car quote requests to 10 or more different brokers.  Having 10 or more auto transport companies working for you might sound like a positive, but it’s not!  You will end up getting brokers who will relentlessly call and email you with deficient quotes.


These quotes are considered deficient because the information will only be what you want to hear, not WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to transport your car safely!  A perfect example of this would be a company that takes your deposit up front, without doing any actual work for you.  If someone gets a deposit up front from you, don’t expect to ever hear back from them again.  If your quote for auto transport is several hundred dollars less than other companies, ask yourself, WHY?  A good tool in filtering out bogus auto transport companies is to go to Transport Reviews shows you a list of every auto transport company and lists all of their reviews.  Never work with any automotive transport agency until first checking their ratings!