New World Auto Transport has been nominated for the Better Business Bureau’s

New World Auto Transport has worked diligently to earn your trust and satisfaction.

Awards for Excellence.  Our coast-to-coast vehicle relocation includes enclosed transport or open transport of classic cars, custom built muscle cars, antique cars, auction cars, race vehicles, motorcycles, boats, RVs, golf carts and inventory from car dealerships. But it’s not enough just to move cargo nationwide . . .

We are sharing the “Top 10 Reasons Why the BBB Likes us” – to let you know more about our ethics, our pride, and that extra mile we go for our transportation customers.

1. We feel every transport project is unique and customize each order to reduce the anxiety associated with a move. Rest assured, our carriers are prescreened, insured and highest rated. They remain in complete compliance with state and federal regulations. We, ourselves, are licensed, bonded and insured.

2. Our automotive logistic agents are enthusiastic about what they do and study weather conditions, traffic issues, construction detours and anything else that can cause delays in transport. We are a member of the Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc. and use state of the art software and programming to obtain daily status updates and changes through the Federal Motor Administration. We also collect Department of Transportation safety information (authority status, safety, satisfaction rating).

3. We put our customers first, and we mean that. We are different in that we take a small deposit only after we have assigned our customer’s vehicle to a carrier — not before. Some of our customers have shared nightmares about poor experiences with other auto transporters. They were faced with advance deposits, low ball quotes, failed transport jobs and refund headaches. We don’t do business that way and search daily for ways to innovate, improve and expand our services.

4. Here’s two examples of our “going the extra mile” philosophy, even when it means making no profit: One customer had a Nissan GTR “Super Car” delivered to our terminal in Katy, Texas. It was the first car of this caliber he had ever owned, so you can imagine his anticipation. It arrived after surviving two snow storms and had accumulated road grit, and the agent in charge decided to have it hand-washed at his own expense. Needless to say, our customer was thrilled, especially when we asked nothing in return. He shared glowing reviews with the BBB and Transport Reviews. In another instance, we quoted a 1952 Willys Jeep from New York to Michigan and, due to market and weather conditions, used the profit we would have made to ensure delivery. Our customer said, “You could have strung me along for weeks, but you chose to satisfy me at the cost of your own profit!”

5. We believe in strong communication. Our agents receive training in sales, phone, customer interaction, problem solving, logistics of transport, correct pricing, and monitoring of weather conditions. Our auto transport quotes are clear. Our agents are required to work with each customer from the inception of the order through delivery. We only use auto transport carriers from our “preferred” carrier list and for this reason seldom have a bad review or dissatisfied customer. Customer retention and reliable auto transport is what we are all about!

6. Our cross country, domestic auto transport (including Hawaii and Alaska) is solicited in great part on the Internet. Our website offers auto transport online quotes at We blog and reach out through newsletters. We are on the cutting edge of technology, e-commerce and auto transportation shipping and services.

7. We let the customer know upfront the details of their move. After talking with a customer to create a custom auto transport project, we would send an email:

“Hello, Mr. Smith,
We have assigned your vehicle to a carrier that will be contacting you soon to make pickup arrangements for your 202 Ford Explorer. We will charge your credit card today for the deposit in the amount of $295.00 as we previously discussed. ABC Trucking is the company that will be contacting you. Make sure that you have the COD payment ready upon delivery in the amount of $600 in the form of cash, cashier’s check or money order. These will be made payable to ABC Trucking. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime. I can be reached at 832-437-2478 during business hours. After hours you may call me at 713-805-3311 on my cellular phone.”

8. Our membership in the BBB has offered us the opportunity to obtain new business based solely on our BBB rating. We proudly display the BBB link on our website. Customers can see that we take customer service very seriously and immediately resolve issues.

9. Often we are contacted by new customers who are wary. They were never informed what to expect and perhaps were mistreated, under-quoted, or struggled with a refund from other auto transport carriers. We always explain our charges up front, and our quotes reflect reasonable transportation rates and time frames and take into account weather and other possible factors. We ask our new customers to check us out with the BBB to verify our positive status. In almost all cases, they call us back.

10. A huge gas pipeline explosion last year in Modesto, CA left many trapped and some dead. A woman called us literally in tears. She was a first responder with two trained rescue German Shepherds, no money, and an unreliable truck. She needed a ride to get her to the scene, and quickly! Normally we move only the vehicle, but a carrier was willing to haul her truck, her dogs and her from Oregon to California and agreed on very minimal transportation. Additionally, New World Auto Transport is a visible presence at local charity events. In short, we care about our customers and the community.