It’s hard to say goodbye to Carroll Shelby. The man died a legend at 89 and has touched my life dating back to the 60s.

Hot Rods Like No Other

Let’s just say the GT40, Cobra and BT350 are among my favorite cars. Ever. Anyone remember the Shelby Daytona Coupe? Yep, it kicked Ferrari’s behind in Europe and is the product of a man who was never an engineer. But he was gifted, and he built teams just like he built hot rods.

50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Picture. Shelby American is marking the golden jubilee of Carroll Shelby’s creation with this 50th Anniversary Cobra. | August 24, 2011 | Shelby Americanfavorite cars



And the fact that these hot rods came from simple production cars made it even more amazing. It meant that he could take a car off the street and dream up something bigger, something worthy of the race track. He made the ordinary extraordinary.

Perhaps his are THE favorite cars of some of us 45 and older. Shelby certainly rated highly in my world. He deservedly graced the cover of the many Road and Track Magazines I collected.

A Legend and a Personality

Shelby Carroll’s life started like anyone else’s — as an unknown. Through tenacity, talent and personality, he soon became known, then well-known, then famous. He designed fast cars that were easy on the eye. Hot Rods. Dream cars. Then he set up his own charitable foundation in Gardenia, California to help others, which you can research on Facebook.You can also research him on these sites:

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