Specialty Haul Transport – Coming Soon!!

A fire truck definitely qualifies as one of our heavy hauls!

For the oddities and strangely shaped, not to mention heavy hauls, we are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of New World Transport Logistics, LLC and our Specialty Haul Division.

Specialty and heavy haul items include lifters

Lifters are one example of a specialty and heavy haul transport

Our Specialty Haul Division is in the works

Epecially created for the nation’s hang gliders, movie production equipment and horse-drawn fire engines, we are proud that the launch of our Specialty and Heavy Haul Division is just around the corner!

But that’s not all! Owner Steve Wells and team have also moved helicopters, airplanes and tractors.

There’s no end to the interesting and surprising transport requests we receive. It adds an element of challenge and adventure to our business.

Got a steam engine? We’ll ship it city-to-city, state-to-state or coast-to- coast.

Adventure in Every Specialty and Haul Assignment

Steve loves to interject fun into every project and is well known as one of the most hands-on CEOs in the auto and specialty transport business. “Bring something unusual to us and we’ll figure out how to move it,” he states. “Catering to the unusual is a part of our lives and a large part of our business.

Honored to Assist Specialty and Heavy Haul Customers

Got a steam engine? Want it moved? We can help!

We are honored that customers trust us with their motor homes, diesel generators and cinder blocks.” Read more about his interesting life and business background in Houston Chronicle.

In the meantime . . .
Learn more about New World Auto Transport Company and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact owner Steve Wells directly at 713-705-7102.