Picture of a gray SUV in motion.

New World Auto Transport knows how to ship your SUV!

New World Auto Transport is well equipped to serve all of our customers, but we’re extremely familiar with the shipping process when it comes to transporting your SUV.  An SUV is a larger, heavier vehicle than most and requires special attention when shipped in one of our carriers.  Trust New World Auto Transport to ship your SUV the right way!


Most carriers have a max of twelve vehicles per load, sometimes even fewer than that.  The weight for each carrier is maximized, but drivers have to keep in mind the weight restrictions for their auto transporters.  This means drivers have to determine which cars will make the load so they won’t be in risk of accruing significant fines or delays.  This also means that you might be expected to pay more or wait longer to have your larger vehicle shipped.  New World Auto Transport shares this information so you can make the earliest possible arrangements and know your vehicle will be shipped exactly when you need it to be.

Also keep in mind that because there is a weight limit for our carriers, your SUV will need to be shipped empty of all belongings.  We do this out of the safety of our drivers and so your vehicle can reach its destination in the best possible condition.


Your SUV will be shipped on one of our open transport carriers.  All of New World Auto Transport’s carriers are highly rated and insured.  We work exclusively with Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, an organization that tracks our carriers’ insurance information and verifies their coverage.  Because New World Auto Transport is a licensed, bonded and insured auto transporting company, you can rest assured that you vehicle will be knowledgeably and safely shipped.


New World Auto Transport has 35 years of experience in all aspects of the automotive industry.  We are a family owned business that understands the role vehicles play in every day family life.  Contact us today so that we can give you a quote and safely ship your SUV!