When it comes to your Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari or other high-end ride, there’s no doubt you want to get behind the wheel and down the road as soon as possible. When it comes to dependable, luxury car transport, New World Auto Transport should be the first on your mind when you want your car delivered safely and right on time. In fact, we’re proud to demonstrate our company’s ability to deliver in restricted time frames.

Luxury auto transport

When you ship your luxury car, whether it’s inter-state or coast to coast, it’s comforting to know that it’s safe from road hazards, that you can call for a real-time location update and that the carriers that have it are insured. At New World, we can guarantee all three:

Enclosed carriers: We do offer open-carrier transport, but if you want to keep your luxury car away from all road elements, our canvas or hard-top carriers will box your baby in for a safe cradled ride home.

canvas enclosed carrier transport

Above: A canvas, enclosed carried for luxury auto transport

Real-time updates: If you’re tapping your toes and watching the calendar for your luxury car to arrive, our company provides you access to the direct numbers of the agent that handles your luxury car shipment as well as the cell phone number of the carrier that has your car loaded in the back.

Insured carriers: We excel in the area of insurance, and we check carriers daily for their proper certifications to operate on the road. Your vehicle is insured at no cost to you.

Ship your luxury car with New World Auto Transport

We care for your car’s delivery just as much as you do. If you’d like to transport your luxury car nationwide or within the state, please contact us at 832-437-02478, and you can even receive a free quote.