Leo Quintanilla’s La Ferrari on display at the SEMA Show

New World Auto Transport worked the SEMA Show in Las Vegas again this year, but 2016 was super special. This year we were contracted by HQ Performance and Masscani Wheels out of San Antonio to move over $7 million in cars and custom wheel products to the SEMA Show.

We transported an incredible load of cars including a 458 Ferrari, Gullwing wide-body Mercedes, 2 Rolls Royce, one of them belonging to Johnny Football Manziel, and a LaFerrari worth $4.5 million from San Antonio to Las Vegas for the SEMA Show. Although the experience was nerve-wracking, that’s what we do here at New World Auto Transport. We take on the stress of transport so our clients don’t have to. We give every client the star treatment and are never daunted by any challenge when it comes to logistics.

Johnny Manziel’s Rolls Royce

After the excitement of the SEMA Show had simmered down, the vehicles were staged in Maroon 5 and The Voice star Adam Levine‘s airport hanger before we rolled out weeks later for Los Angeles for the second car show in a row for HQ Performance and Masscani Wheels. It was incredible working with William Horan and Leo Quintanilla of HQ Performance and Masscani wheels and their crew in San Antonio to make this incredible transport happen.


The Ferrari on display with some fascinating Masscani wheels from HQ Performance


As always, New World Auto Transport and New World Carrier Services were blessed throughout the year with transport opportunities of all kinds. New World companies are always blessed with celebrity highlights, auto enthusiasts, and wonderful customers around the country. Let’s take a look at some of our highlights over the year.

We are always excited to work with Mario Williams of the Miami Dolphins throughout the year, one of our greatest longtime clients and friends, for whom we’ve transported everything from lamborghinis to magnificent offroad trucks. New World Auto Tranport also had wonderful opportunities to work with Channing Zierlof with Cross Creek Pictures of Black Swan fame. New World also moved vehicles for the movie Wolverine to different production sites for Jorge Casillas of FOX Productions from Louisiana to New Mexico. We also moved vehicles for the latest Wolverine origins movie, Logan, which is scheduled to release in March 2017. New World Auto Transport also had the opportunity to transport custom Jeeps, a Rolls Royce, and a full custom Sprinter van across the US for different photoshoots and special appearances for Tyrese Gibson of Fast & Furious fame.

Tyrese Gibson of Fast & Furious with his Sprinter

New World Auto Transport wants to shoutout a special thanks to Matt Charvoz with Vicarious Social Media Agency in Dallas for letting us handle all of his special vehicles and their transport. Matt and his company are noted for the work that they do with the Gas Monkey Garage brand and television show in Dallas, TX.

A few members of our star-studded clientele list that we service regularly throughout the years includes John Paul DeJoria and his wife Eloise DeJoria of Paul Mitchell and Patron fame and Vanessa Furlito of the new TV series NCIS New Orleans.




We are excited to announce that we have joined with United Road Transportation Service in Michigan in moving vehicles for CarMax, Volkswagon, Audi, and Ford. We foresee huge growth from this opportunity throughout 2017 and can’t wait to bring you even more of the best auto transportation news on the road.


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