The SEMA Show gearing up for massive crowds in Las Vegas


To round off October, New World Auto Transport is already geared up and headed to Las Vegas for the high-energy SEMA Show and surrounding events!

Based in the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding areas, the SEMA Show is one of the city’s biggest annual events, with over 125,000 manufacturers, journalists, exhibitors, and other professionals from the auto industry in attendance in 2014. This is the place to find the top accessories, coolest cars, and hottest progress in the auto industry, and it continues to grow every year, especially with the recent rise of automotive inspired reality TV shows.


Team Matos(Sandy and Rosey Matos), owners of the Paul Mitchell Hair Salon Colleges – ready to head to Las Vegas

To get our clients and friends on the scene, we coordinate staging efforts to transport some incredible cars in our enclosed transport trucks. New World Auto Transport and our team assisted good friends and clients Sandy and Rosey Matos, owners of Paul Mitchell Hair Salon Colleges throughout Houston, in transporting their team and friend’s cars, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and Audis to the Vegas shows.

Team Matos arrived in Vegas in style, and ready to show off and enjoy their cars!

Staging in Preparation for the Trip to Vegas

Staging involves a combination of perfect timing and logistics, and we’ve mastered both from our years of transporting cars to some of the hottest expos and events across the country. While our clients are prepping their cars with custom wraps, paint jobs, powder coating and wheels for the coming show, we’re making sure every detail of transport is ready to go and working around our customers’ needs.

Steve Wells and Daisy Wells, CFO and CEO of New World Auto Transport at staging area at their headquarters in Katy, TX as trucks are departing for Las Vegas


Passion for cars is what drives us here at New World Auto Transport, especially working with awesome people like Team Matos and the crew of Race Armada of Texas, who coordinate special automobile events for car enthusiasts. Road adventures and rallies keep us busy all year long, as we work with our clients to make it possible for them to bring their cars to wherever their drive might take them!

Ferrari sporting a custom Las Vegas wrap


While the SEMA Show was taking Vegas by storm, the Corsa Rally was also giving auto enthusiasts a chance to join the Gambler 1000This awesome tour takes cars from Vegas through San Diego to Los Angeles and back to Vegas.

CFO Daisy Wells posing with a Ferrari sporting the Gambler 1000 logo

We love bringing the New World Auto Transport‘s name to some of the biggest races, rallies, and auto conventions in the country. These premiere auto events put us in contact with some of the biggest names in the industry, building great relationships with new clients and helping us to grow to bigger and better things every year.

Special thanks to all of our customers for their continued support!

Take Care!The New World Auto Transport Team